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A handful of favourites from the 90 incredible artists of the Biennale of Sydney 2014 programme. 

 ‘For me artists are active philosophers who seek to engage the audience and viewer in an exploration of our world through metaphor, narrative and poetry. They do this so that we might find inspiration in the sensations and intensities produced by art, and so that we might, temporarily, step aside from our commonplace experiences and feel something uncanny and unusual.’ 

Juliana Engberg, Artistic Director

Sydney celebrates the power of artistic imagination

March 21 - June 9 2014


Biennale of Sydney 2014


1 of —  Deborah Kelly: The Magdalenes (Praise), 2012 (archival print with paper collage)
2 of —  Yael Bartana: Inferno, 2013 (production still) 
3 of —  Broersen & Lukács: Mastering Bambi, 2010 (video still) 
4 of —  Mircea Cantor: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, 2012 (video still)
5 of —  Wael Shawky: Al Araba Al Madfuna, 2012 (video still) 
6 of —  Sasha Huber: Louis Who? What you should know about Louis Agassiz, 2010 (video still)
7 of —  Douglas Gordon: Phantom, 2011 (video still) 

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