house of mince

house of mince


The House of Mince is Peter Shopovski and his crew.

Underground party people in Sydney that love to dance.

No discrimination and full of love.

In this porfolio we photographed some of his favourite party people.

Phorographed by Justin Ridler.

Hair by Sophie Roberts.

Make Up by Nicole Thompson for MAC.

Shot at Sun Studios Sydney.



1 of — Mistress Tokyo
2 of — Kurt
3 of — Jimmy
4 of
5 of — Logan and Beau
6 of — Costume by Mathew Aberline
7 of — Costume by Micheal Aberline
8 of
9 of
10 of
11 of
12 of
13 of — Akiri
14 of — Ana Page
15 of — Beau
16 of — Sean
17 of
18 of
19 of
20 of

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